Reasons to Install a New Boiler

Are you thinking about getting a new boiler for your home? A new boiler is a big investment with lots of benefits for you to enjoy! However, we understand the initial price can be offputting. Keep reading to find out why you need a new boiler today!

Your new boiler will be more efficient

Getting a new boiler means it will be at least 90% efficient, due to new, condensing technology. This will save you a considerable amount on your energy bills, especially considering old boilers may have been as low as 60% efficient. As a result, your new boiler will soon begin to pay for itself in savings.

Your new boiler will give you greater temperature control

New boilers generally have the option for different temperatures in different rooms, which you may not have had before. Rather than simply changing the temperature for each floor, you can now change each room individually. This helps your home heating to be even more personal, as you can set the temperature to suit each persons’ preference. As well as this, you can save yourself money without realising by switching off the heating in unused rooms (e.g. spare bedrooms) until it is needed.

Your new boiler will be more practical

Due to improved designs over the years, new boilers are much quieter than older models. This can make a huge difference in your sleep if your boiler is close to your bedroom. As well as being quieter, new boilers also tend to be a lot smaller. This allows them to be much more discrete and they can even be hidden in kitchen cupboards or wall-mounted. This keeps them out of sight and out of mind- but still close by in case of an emergency.

Your new boiler may have a new guarantee or warranty

Many new boilers come with a warranty or guarantee for you to enjoy. This gives you peace of mind in knowing you are safe from any pricey bills for the next few years!

Need a new boiler in Torbay?

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