Baxi Approved Installers

Terms and conditions

Baxi Approved Installers are recognised for their skill and dedication. With the Approved Installer scheme, homeowners have the confidence that any installer listed as a Baxi Approved Installer will complete a Baxi boiler installation to current building regulations and Gas Safe requirements.

Whilst Baxi aims to ensure that all Baxi Approved Installers achieve and continue to maintain a high standard of workmanship, service and experience in the installation of Baxi products, Baxi cannot guarantee that installations made by such third party installers will be error free and Baxi will not be liable (whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise) for any losses suffered as a result of an act or omission of a Baxi Approved Installer.

As with all installers engaged by Baxi, Baxi Approved Installers will have Public Liability Insurance and will be Gas Safe Registered.

Priority same day call out from Baxi Customer Support

For Baxi Approved Installers, Baxi offer same day call out (dependant on time and day of call, see below) for breakdowns of registered boilers or cylinders for appliances off* within warranty.

Priority support is only available to the Baxi Approved Installer, not the homeowner, who meet the following conditions:

  • call before 10am (Monday to Friday) engineer visit same working day
  • call between 10am and 5pm (Monday to Friday) , engineer visit next working day
  • call before 10am on Saturday, endeavour engineer visit same day
  • call between 10am and 12noon on Saturday, engineer visit on Monday
  • call before 12noon on Sunday, engineer visit on Monday
  • Non-urgent faults call before 3pm (Monday - Friday), engineer visit three working day response

* 'appliance off' means a boiler that is not producing heating or hot water, or leaks gas or water. If you have any queries regarding Baxi Approved Installers, please contact Baxi Heating UK Limited on 0800 915 9908 or

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