Repair or Replace: Which One Should I Choose?

If you have noticed an issue with your boiler, you need to decide whether to get the issue replaced or swap to a whole new boiler. Both options come with different pros and cons, making them both suitable in different situations. To help you out, keep reading to find out more about the two options.

Sings your boiler is not working as it should

Firstly, you need to know what counts as a serious boiler issue. if you have noticed any of the following signs in your home, you need to consider getting a boiler repair or replacement:

  • Your boiler switches itself off without warning
  • Your boiler is making a range of loud noises
  • Your boiler is producing strange smells
  • Your boiler cannot meet your demand for hot water
  • Your boiler runs inefficiently

Boiler repairs

Getting your boiler repaired is an easy way to remove the issue you are facing. This is a good option for if the problem is small and simple, and you have not experienced it before. A boiler repair is cheaper short term, so is ideal for if you cannot budget for a new boiler currently. It can help to make sure your boiler runs smoothly and safely again and is best teamed with annual boiler servicing, to help eliminate further issues.

Boiler replacements

A boiler replacement is the better option long term, as it should mean you won't have to splash out on any boiler repairs for years into the future- especially if you get a warranty or guarantee. It is a good option for if your boiler is over ten years old, or if you have been experiencing problems regularly. It guarantees you will end up with a safe boiler, arguably moreso than if you just get it repaired. You will also get to enjoy all of the benefits that come with a boiler replacement, such as efficiency and a smaller size.

Need a new boiler in Torbay?

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